The Powerful Self-Defense Weapon You Always Have With You

most important self defense weapon

What would you give for the perfect self-defense tool? What would it be worth to have a weapon that will neutralize your assailant instantly? How would you like a weapon that needs no registration, permissions, or carry permits, and it doesn’t matter what state you are in or where you’re going internationally? That would be […]

How To Keep Tabs On Neighborhood Crime

neighborhood watch

Moving Decisions Neighborhood Scout ( is a helpful site to see the safety rates of each city neighborhood. It will color code neighborhoods ranging which are the safest to the more dangerous. It will also provide you the annual numbers for number of crimes and crime rates per 1,000 residents. It’ll also categorize which crimes […]

Stun Gun Questions

stun gun questions

We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous. It’s important to be prepared for any situation, so it’s no wonder that the market has been flooded with self-defense devices. One of these products is a stun gun. This can be used by law enforcement and civilians as an alternative to lethal […]