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The Powerful Self-Defense Weapon You Always Have With You

What would you give for the perfect self-defense tool? What would it be worth to have a weapon that will neutralize your assailant instantly? How would you like a weapon that needs no registration, permissions, or carry permits, and it doesn’t matter what state you are in or where you’re going internationally?

That would be a great weapon, wouldn’t it? I know; you’re trying to guess which device this is. Or, maybe you’re wondering whether this is a new style of martial arts technique, or perhaps something else? Maybe you’re wondering if there really is a weapon like this one!
The answer is: there is, and we each have it. The mind is the ultimate self-defense weapon.

Before you dismiss this, consider this. If you’re ever in a potentially dangerous situation, what tells your body to respond and take on protective measures. What is it that causes your hand to reach into your purse and pull out your pepper spray or stun gun? The answer is your mind.

By properly preparing your mind, you quickly trust and empower yourself with your own personal safety and security. You increase your awareness to identify potentially dangerous situations before you’re staring at the end of a knife or gun barrel.

Becoming more aware of criminal behavior increases your chances of avoiding potentially challenging situations and de-escalating dangerous ones. When you are training your mind for situational attack scenarios, you are preparing for when violence might occur at any moment.

Think of your brain as a filing cabinet. All the information, skills, and lessons you’ve learned and experienced over the years are stored in these files.

Unfortunately for most women, the file labeled self-defense is mostly empty. Women have more experience and lessons being the victim and not the attacker. When encountering sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, or assault, most women do not know how to react. The subconscious tries to access the file to give you the tools necessary for dealing with the situation, but when it can’t find it, you become a victim, not a protector of yourself.

Prepare your mind to give you the ability to be responsible for your self-defense. It is the ultimate self-defense weapon!

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