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Diversion Safes

The BEST Diversion Safes you’re looking for are RIGHT HERE!

Make it impossible for burglars to find your valuables (such as jewels and money) by NOT hiding them in the usual “public knowledge” places…which are the first places criminals look for! Do hide them in those places where they would NEVER imagine they would be…in plain sight! That’s precisely where our diversion safes come into the picture!

Think about it: After breaking in…would a burglar immediately go for your pantry and start looking inside each one of the numerous soft drink cans in existence? Would they do the same with your bathroom cleaners cans? Would they take the time to search inside each and every one of your private library books? Would they even dare to imagine to look inside a wall socket?

The Chicago Crime Commission’s statistics have shown that burglars spend an average of 8 minutes in the victim’s home. Criminals won’t have the time to search effectively if all your valuables are hidden in numerous uncommon places! That’s why diversion safes are considered to be more effective than costly floor or wall safes. Most criminals will just leave your house frustrated, taking nothing of great value with them. Put the odds in your favor!!

Our diversion safes are incredibly undistinguishable from the genuine product and are even weighted to feel full. They come with removable tops and bottoms, so your valuables can be discreetly stored inside. Be crime smart!! Get your own Diversion Safes Now!