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Diversion Safes

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A diversion safe is a type of security device designed to look like an ordinary object but is used to conceal valuables. The purpose of a diversion safe is to hide items in plain sight, making it less likely that a thief or unauthorized person will find them. These safes exploit the fact that burglars typically spend a limited amount of time inside a victim's home and are less likely to inspect everyday household items closely.

Diversion safes come in many forms, including but not limited to:

Book Safes: These safes look like regular books on a shelf but have a concealed compartment inside.
Can Safes: Designed to look like soft drink cans, food cans, or cleaning products, these safes can be kept in a pantry or refrigerator.
Electrical Outlet Safes: These are designed to look like a standard electrical outlet but can be pulled out to reveal a storage space.
Personal Care Safes: These might look like hairbrushes, shaving cream cans, or other personal care products but have a hidden compartment for valuables.

Diversion safes are often used for storing cash, jewelry, documents, or small valuable items. They're especially popular for travelers in hotels or for people living in shared housing or dormitories. While they're not as secure as traditional safes in terms of brute-force resistance, they offer an element of stealth security that can be surprisingly effective against opportunistic theft.