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Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are strongly recommended to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of assault, rape, and kidnapping, among many other types of crime. In standoff situations, the very loud noise that your personal attack alarm gives off when activated will definitively attract the attention of anyone within earshot, increasing your possibilities of getting help. This may be enough to intimidate and stop some attackers, specially because attackers do not like to draw attention to themselves while committing their unlawful acts.

But the usefulness of personal attack alarms don’t stop with self-defense purposes. Personal alarms have proven to be real lifesavers in many other dangerous situations as well. For instance, a personal safety alarm increases your chances of being found if you ever get lost in the woods or, give one to your child in case they should get lost from you at the mall . And our Nap Alarm will even alert you if you ever fall asleep while driving, preventing fatal car accidents for you and your loved ones. Some of our personal safety alarms even triples as door/windows alarms and flashlights!