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Barking Dog Alarms

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A barking dog alarm is an electronic security device designed to mimic the sound of a barking dog as a deterrent to would-be intruders. The idea is to simulate the presence of a protective dog, thereby creating the illusion that the property is guarded and occupied, which can be an effective way to discourage burglars or trespassers.

Here’s a more detailed description and its uses:


  • Sound: The primary feature of a barking dog alarm is its realistic barking sound, which typically becomes more frequent and intense as an intruder approaches. Some models may have various barking sounds to choose from, or they may feature different types of dogs, from a small, yappy dog to a large, aggressive one.
  • Motion Sensors: The device usually incorporates motion sensors (such as radar or PIR – passive infrared sensors) that can detect movement through doors, walls, or windows. When movement is detected, the sensor triggers the sound of the barking dog.
  • Volume Control: Users can typically adjust the volume to suit the size of their home or the level of deterrence they wish to achieve.
  • Range: The detection range can vary by model, but many alarms can detect movement from several feet away, through obstacles like doors or walls.
  • Power Source: These alarms can be powered by batteries or a power adapter, providing flexibility in placement.
  • Additional Sounds: Some barking dog alarms may also offer additional sounds, such as home ambient noise, sirens, or verbal warnings, to increase the illusion of activity or occupancy in the home.


  • Home Security: The primary use of a barking dog alarm is as a home security measure. It can be particularly useful for people who cannot own a real dog due to allergies, restrictions on pets where they live, or a lack of time to care for an animal.
  • Crime Deterrent: The sound of a barking dog can be a strong deterrent to burglars, who typically prefer to target homes that appear unguarded and quiet.
  • Flexible Placement: Because the device is portable and does not require the presence of an actual dog, it can be placed anywhere in the home, such as near entry points or in areas where valuables are stored.
  • Vacation Security: When homeowners are away on vacation, a barking dog alarm can provide a sense of security by suggesting that the house is not empty.
  • Small Business Security: Some small business owners use barking dog alarms as a low-cost security solution for their shops or offices after hours.

Barking dog alarms are valued for their simplicity, effectiveness, and the peace of mind they provide to people concerned about the safety of their property. However, they are usually considered part of a broader security strategy that might include physical locks, security cameras, or alarm systems.