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Flashlight/Stun Batons

The Best Stun Batons for Sale are RIGHT HERE!!

The same ENERGY, the same POWER, the same feeling of INVINCIBILITY that other stun guns give you…but with an important additional feature. Extended reach! Yes, we are talking about none other that the POWERFUL FLASHLIGHT STUN BATONS!

There are several advantages to using a stun baton over a stun gun. Here are three reasons why stun gun batons are so popular for home protection and personal self-defense on the go:

1. Stay away from the attacker. When delivering a stun with a stun gun, you have to be right next to your attacker. With a baton, you can temporarily incapacitate someone from a few feet away (some stun batons are 17 inches long).

2. Make sure you can clearly see your target. Often a stun baton comes equipped with a powerful LED flashlight so you can see exactly who or what you are hitting before striking.

3. It can also be used as a striking tool. Unlike stun guns, stun gun batons can also be used as regular batons. The weapon you have in your hand is still useful even after you stun an attacker.

Most attackers will be so intimidated by the Stun Baton’s bright blue sparks and the very loud crackling noise, that they won’t even dare get close to you in the first place! Imagine the POWER and PEACE OF MIND you will experience just knowing that your personal safety and security is truly in your hands. Decide to be the more powerful one in any encounter: with our powerful stun guns batons now you certainly can. Get PURE Self Defense POWER. Get one of our reliable Stun Batons NOW!