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Pool Alarm


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Weight 6.0 lbs

An inground pool alarm is a safety device designed to detect unauthorized entry, accidental or unsupervised access to an inground swimming pool. These alarms are primarily used to enhance the safety of children and pets, helping to prevent drowning accidents by alerting adults when someone enters the water.

The most effective pool alarm is installed below the water’s surface and detect disturbances in the water pressure or movements that occur when an object enters the pool.

Uses of Inground Pool Alarms:

  • Child Safety: The primary use of pool alarms is to protect children from accidental drowning. The alarm can alert parents or guardians immediately if a child falls into the pool without supervision.
  • Pet Protection: Pets can also be at risk of drowning, and a pool alarm can notify owners if their pet falls into the water.
  • General Safety: Pool alarms provide an extra layer of security for anyone who might be at risk around a pool, such as elderly individuals or non-swimmers.
  • Liability Reduction: For pool owners, having a pool alarm can reduce the risk of liability in the event of an accident, as it shows a proactive approach to safety.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Some local or state regulations may require pool owners to have a pool alarm installed as part of pool safety laws.


Overall, an inground pool alarm is an important safety feature that can provide peace of mind for pool owners, helping to quickly alert them to potential dangers and prevent tragic accidents.

The Safety Technology POOL ALARM is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool. It’s portable, self-contained and light weight. The unit is simple to operate. Entry into the pool will be detected by the Pool Alarm’s electronic sensor, triggering a loud pulsating alarm at the unit and inside your house from the remote receiver. The Pool Alarm installation is very easy. It sits on the pool deck as shown in the picture. It is very easy to use with control button operation and will automatically arm the unit once you are done swimming.

The Pool Alarm comes with a remote receiver with flashing light which can be mounted in your home up to 300 feet from the main unit. It comes with a 12 volt power supply. The Pool Alarm uses 6 D batteries (not included) which should last approximately one year. There is an audible low battery indicator which will sound at the poolside alarm and the remote receiver. Both the indoor and outdoor alarms reach 85db within 11.5 feet.

Box 11 ½” x 9” x 11 ½”
Pool Alarm: 11” x 8 ½” x 11”
Inside Alarm: 7 ½” x 6” x 2 ½”

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