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Are Stun Guns Effective?

Woman defending herself with a stun gun in a dark parking lot

Yes, stun guns are generally considered effective as a self-defense tool. They deliver a high-voltage electric shock to temporarily immobilize an attacker. I’ve been selling stun guns for over 37 years. Throughout the years, I’ve heard countless stories from people who’ve used a stun gun to escape dangerous situations.

Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Stun Guns

Stun guns can cause pain, muscle contractions, and disorientation, making them effective in deterring and incapacitating attackers. However, their effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as the model, voltage, amperage, duration of contact, and the attacker’s tolerance or physical condition.

The Importance of Amperage in Stun Gun Effectiveness

However, it’s not the voltage that makes stun guns effective, it’s the amperage. Stun guns use a high voltage, low current electrical charge to immobilize an attacker. The amperage, which is the measure of current flowing through the body, is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of a stun gun.

A higher amperage can cause stronger muscle contractions and longer-lasting effects on the attacker. It’s important to note that stun guns are designed to deliver high voltage but low amperage, making them non-lethal and safe to use.

You wanna make sure the stun gun has an amperage of at least 4 to 4.9 milliamps. This is what causes the pain and gives enough muscle contractions to disorient the person attacking you.

The Physiological Effects of Stun Gun Usage

The stun gun zaps its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency. This causes the muscles to contract rapidly, leading to energy loss and a depletion of necessary blood sugars in your muscles. The attacker can’t generate energy for his muscles, and, worn out, his body can’t function properly.

The reality of stun guns: a temporary disorientation tool for self-defense.

Stun guns don’t work like they do in movies or TV shows. You don’t zap a person and they pass out. Stun guns are designed to temporarily disorient an attacker, allowing you to take yourself out of danger and get help.

Effective Use of a Stun Gun for Self-Defense

I’ve heard people suggest showing the stun gun to your attacker and firing it into the air. This could make the attacker think twice about their plan and choose to back off.

However, I don’t like this technique. Whenever you’re in a vulnerable situation, you should have your stun gun in your hand. There are many small stun guns that wouldn’t be that noticeable in your hand. My suggestion is to hide the stun gun from the person threatening you. Don’t show it or fire it into the air.

When the attacker gets close enough, hit him with the stun gun. Aim for a large muscle group, like the upper thigh, hip, or shoulder, to up the chances of the stun gun being effective. These areas have more nerves, which can get overwhelmed by the electrical shock, causing muscle contractions and disorientation in the attacker. I also don’t mind recommending jamming the stun gun into his groin.

After you shock him, you can leave if you think you can do so safely. If not, kick him where it would hurt the most, then leave. We’re talking about your well-being here…maybe even your life. Don’t feel bad for him. Do what you need to do to protect yourself.

So, yeah, stun guns can totally be effective if you know what to do. Hopefully, now you do.

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Frank Masters

I started selling non-lethal self defense products, like stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, diversion safes, self-defense keychains, knives and hidden cameras at gun shows over 20 years ago. For the past 9 years I've been selling on the Internet. There isn't much I don't know about these types of products. So, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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